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For those of us who have been fired from a job, you know it doesn’t exactly leave you in the best mood, but this Florida man took it to the next level.

Felix Cabrera was an employee at the Sugar Cane Growers Cooperative in Belle Glade Florida for 31 years. When his boss told him he was fired, Felix said that he needed the job and asked to stay on for one more year. According to Local 10,  when his boss said no, that’s when the 86 year old Florida Man pulled a gun out of his pocket and shot the man several times and killed him.

He has been arrested and is now facing charges of first degree murder.

Shoutout to Joe Winner on Sunny 106.3 for the story!

Marija was born and raised in Illinois, but moved to Florida in 2018 with a stop in between in the coldest place on the planet, Fargo, ND. She loves dogs, kayaking, concerts, day drinking and is always planning her next vacation. Follow her on IG @marija127