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(Photo by Fox Photos/Getty Images)

I don’t know about you, but a Bloody Mary when you’re up 35,000 feet in the air just tastes better…but on some airlines, they won’t be an option…at least for now.

As air travel is getting busier, there’s also been reports of drunk and disorderly passengers on planes. Last week in fact, there was a fist fight on a Southwest Airlines flight that resulted in a flight attendant getting a few of her teeth knocked out.

NBC2 reports that because of incidents like this, both Southwest and American Airlines have extended their ban on alcohol for economy flights. Right now, Southwest’s ban is through July and American’s through September 13th.

According to, since the start of the year, the FAA has received around 2,500 reports of unruly behavior by passengers, many of which have to do with people refusing to comply with drinking and mask-wearing rules.

Pro tip: if you’ve got the cash, fly first class, and drinks not only are available, they’re free!


Marija was born and raised in Illinois, but moved to Florida in 2018 with a stop in between in the coldest place on the planet, Fargo, ND. She loves dogs, kayaking, concerts, day drinking and is always planning her next vacation. Follow her on IG @marija127