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Lyndsey Kennedy was missing for three weeks until she was rescued from a Florida storm drain. This past weekend, Kennedy was rescued from another storm drain in Texas.  

The 43-year-old’s mother reported to WEPC giving an update that Kennedy climbed out of a 6-foot drain pipe on Saturday night and taken to the hospital. Kennedy had been checked into a rehabilitation facility in Texas when she strayed from the rehabilitation center’s premises.  

Grand Prairie officers initially spotted Kennedy. When they approached, she went into a nearby storm drain. Her friends and family dropped off bags of food and Gatorade in manholes across the area in an effort to keep her from starvation.  

Kennedy was in the hospital on psychiatric hold with a diagnosis of psychosis and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder – developed from being present in an abusive relationship for a substantial amount of time.  

Back in March, Kennedy was pulled out naked from a storm drain in Delray Beach after being reported missing for three weeks. She told authorities that she found a tunnel while swimming near her boyfriend’s home and got lost inside after taking multiple turns in the tunnel. 

It was reported that after her rescue, Kennedy was so weak that she could not stand on her own.  

This story was written by Brianna Pugh

Brianna is a taco-eating, 90 Day Fiancé binge watching, dog-loving Digital Intern for Beasley Media Group Fort Myers. @xo.bri.anna