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(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

If you’ve had your eyes open over the last few weeks, I’m sure you’ve noticed that just about everywhere is hiring. If you’re looking for a job, now is good time..for a few reasons.

Last week it was announced that Florida will be ending the extra $300 in unemployment as part of the Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation program on June 26th.

Today, another change will be going into effect. According to Fox35, Governor Ron DeSantis said the work search rule is reinstated. That means that people will be required to apply to five jobs per week. Those collecting unemployment will have to detail not only what they applied for, but also contact made with the employer. If requirements are met, Florida citizens will be able to collect $275 per week in state unemployment benefits.

The Florida Department of Economic Opportunity says the state has more than 460-thousand jobs available across various employment websites and job listing services.


Marija was born and raised in Illinois, but moved to Florida in 2018 with a stop in between in the coldest place on the planet, Fargo, ND. She loves dogs, kayaking, concerts, day drinking and is always planning her next vacation. Follow her on IG @marija127