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Duck, duck, shoot!

A California man, Clinton Wilson, was arrested Monday after allegedly firing his gun into the air to defend his pet duck, according to NBC2

Witness Alejandro Mancilla called 911 immediately after hearing the gunshots, according to the Escalon Police Department. 

The gunshot was a result of a neighborhood dog biting the duck and breaking its leg. 

Wilson fired the gun after spotting the dog jumping over the fence in an attempt to scare the dog away, EPD Sgt. Gustavo Flores said.

Despite Wilson’s efforts, the gun shot did not stop the attack. 

According to Flores, the dog still attacked the duck. Mancilla is grateful the duck is going to survive, but he is now wary of Wilson.

Fortunately, there were no calls to EPD saying that the bullet had hit anybody. 

“There’s other ways to scare off a dog than shooting shots in the air,” Mancilla said. “That’s not very responsible and living around the area it’s scary to think someone’s doing that.”

The dog was returned to its owner after being taken to a local shelter, and Wilson was arrested. 

Police say the best course of action in case something similar happens to you is to call them instead of taking matters into your own hands. 

*******This Post Has Been Edited For Clarification**********At about 9:15 AM, Officers were dispatched to the 2200...

Posted by Escalon Police Department on Monday, May 24, 2021


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