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Apparently, daddy doesn’t like the word, no…

Indian River County Sheriff Deputies responded to a domestic disturbance between a father and daughter on May 23rd in the afternoon.

Upon arrival, deputies talked with 20-year-old Kristin Worden. She had tomato sauce all over the left side of her face.

She told deputies that her 40-year-old father, Tyler Worden, dropped off a delicious pizza pie for her that afternoon. But she wasn’t feeling well. So she asked him to leave.

This infuriated daddy…

They began arguing and it got to the point where the daughter tried to close the door on daddy.

He felt there no was no other option but to grab the only weapon available to him, a slice of pizza. He lobbed it at her, striking her in the face.

When deputies questioned Tyler Worden, he admitted to what he did but added that he thought the door was closed behind him.

Unsurprisingly, his breath reeked of alcohol and he was taken into custody for Battery.

I pray for the sake of comedy that they are Italian…



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