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If Florida is accepting applications for the title of Florida Man, this Iowa man would meet the criteria.

53-year-old Lee Bowman of Sioux City, Iowa is accused of setting his neighbor’s house on fire after they didn’t mow his lawn for him.

Supposedly he asked his neighbors last Saturday to mow his lawn for him. After just one day, it still wasn’t done and he freaked out.

After confronting the neighbors, he stormed off, stole the registration sticker off of their car, grabbed a bunch of plywood and sticks, placed the wood at the corner of the house, and set the pile on fire.

The neighbors were still in the house but thankfully another neighbor warned them to get out. Firefighters were able to extinguish the fire, but thousands of dollars of damage was done to the home.

When police questioned him, he played dumb at first. He eventually admitted to it though and was subsequently arrested. His bond was $20,000.

The ironic thing is is that the accelerant used to start the fire was gasoline… FROM A LAWNMOWER!



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