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Do you remember that stupid picture of a dress going around where people were arguing whether it’s blue and black or gold and white? It took the internet by storm.

Well, it looks like we have a new debate going on and it’s bringing out all the amateur marine biologists.

A video was taken off of Pass-A-Grill Beach in Florida of what appears to be a Killer Whale. But some scientists are saying that it’s too close to the shore and the Killer Whales usually stay out further in the Gulf of Mexico.

The reason for the Killer Whale speculation came about because there appears to be a white spot around the eyes.

Dolphins on the other hand are a very common occurrence in the Gulf of Mexico, and the eye patch can be explained by light reflections. So that is the common conclusion that people are coming up with.

So what do you guys think? Dolphin or Killer Whale?



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