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John King, a 52-year-old from Fort Myers Beach, is facing multiple charges after he was found wearing the jacket of the Fort Myers Beach Fire Chief’s jacket.

The incident happened around 3 AM on Wednesday. Security camera footage at the Fire Station showed King entering through the training room. He was wandering around opening up cabinets and drawers but eventually left with just a jacket and a thermometer. The jacket alone costs around $1000.

Firefighters were totally unaware that anyone was there as they were all mostly sleeping upstairs.

He then wandered over to the 7/11 that is nearby the station and started yelling expletives in the parking lot. Police were dispatched to the scene.

He then requested medical attention complaining about ‘heart palpitations’. EMS and the fire department responded. The fire department immediately recognized the jacket and the name on it as belonging to their battalion chief.

King was taken to  Health Park Hospital where he was later cleared. He also reportedly threatened to kill an officer as he was being released from the hospital.

He is facing charges of burglary, grand theft, and making threats to law enforcement.



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