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Just about every year, Metallica fans around the world start a petition for the band to play the Super Bowl Halftime show.

The petition comes after years of one of the biggest rock bands has been snubbed the honor of playing the biggest gig ever. The band have played Super Bowl-related events, but have never made it to the main stage, and even singer James Hetfield doesn’t have high hopes that it’ll ever happen.

Want to show your support? Sign the petition here

POLL: Best Song on Metallica’s ‘Master of Puppets’

Metallica’s Master Of Puppets may turn 35 years old (March 3), but unlike some albums released in and around 1986, this one is nowhere near dated or shows any signs of age whatsoever.

In the over three decades that have since passed, it still sounds as aggressive as it did upon release. It set a new standard for the band, and it set a new standard for metal. So, in honor of its anniversary, we pose this question:

What is the best song off of Master of Puppets? Vote in the poll below!

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