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Port Charlotte, Fl- Charlotte County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to a report of drug activity at a homeless camp off of Veterans Blvd. The camp was comprised of several tents.

One of the tents belonged to 58-year-old Kenneth T. Glenn.

Deputies saw him smoking a pipe in his tent, and when they confronted him, he ran off and a chase ensued.

He ended up getting tangled in some pepper tree vines and that’s when the deputies were able to catch up to him.

He had a container holding multiple baggies. He attempted to swallow the baggies in a last-ditch effort.

But then he did something that surely caught the officers by surprise. Glenn spit the baggies in one of the officer’s faces.

The substance in the baggies tested positive for cocaine and methamphetamine/fentanyl.

Glenn is facing multiple drug charges and resisting an officer with violence.


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