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MONACO - JULY 02: The bouquet of flowers left by Princess Charlene of Monaco inside Sainte Devote church after the religious wedding ceremony at the Prince's Palace of Monaco on July 2, 2011 in Monaco. The Roman-Catholic ceremony followed the civil wedding which was held in the Throne Room of the Prince's Palace of Monaco on July 1. With her marriage to the head of state of the Principality of Monaco, Charlene Wittstock has become Princess consort of Monaco and gains the title, Princess Charlene of Monaco. Celebrations including concerts and firework displays are being held across several days, attended by a guest list of global celebrities and heads of state. (Photo by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images)

BROWARD COUNTY- Courtney Wilson and Chenita Jones announced to their friends that they were set to get married. It was going to be an extravagant Saturday ceremony and a Sunday brunch on a 16,300-square-foot mansion. The estate included bowling alleys, waterfall swimming pools, hot tubs, tennis courts, gazebos, 800-foot bars, and much more.

The only problem is that this couple does not own the mansion or have permission to have a ceremony on the property.

Wilson said it was god’s plan for them to get married at this estate.

Nathan Finkel, the owner of the estate, called 911 and told them, “I have people who break into my property. And they continue to harass me and call me. They say they are having a wedding here, and that’s the message of God. I don’t know what’s going on. All I want is to stop it, and they are now sitting on my property at the main gate. “

Police told Wilson to leave the property and no charges were filed.



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