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48-year-old Rodgr Ochoa is being charged with animal cruelty after police found his four dogs kept in “horrid conditions”.

Deputies were conducting a welfare check on an occupant of Ochoa’s home when they heard barking and a strong odor coming from the garage.

Deputies discovered 4 dogs living in the garage with no air conditioning. They were stuck in separate cages that were all too small for them to stretch out naturally, there was feces and urine all over, empty dogs bowls, and dirty water.

Ochoa claims that his wife left him two years ago and left the dogs with him. They were basically living in these cages for two years!

They were very weak. Two of them had skin conditions and open wounds. They had conditions that were ranging from pancreas and kidney diseases, heart conditions, large masses, pulmonary edemas, and degenerative joint disorders.

Three of the dogs were euthanized. Ochoa is now facing felony animal cruelty charges.


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