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403721 02: (UNDATED FILE PHOTO) A variety of bacterial cultures grow in petri dishes at pharmaceutical company Aventis Pasteur in this undated file photo. Aventis Pasteur announced March 29, 2002 that it would donate 75-90 million doses of smallpox vaccine it had manufactured 30 years ago to the U.S. federal government. The frozen stockpile had accumulated after the U.S. quit giving inoculations in 1972. (Photo by Aventis Pasteur MSD/Getty Images)

According to research done by FGCU, the water of the Estero River is “Impaired”. That means that a large number of bacteria and heavy metals have been discovered in the water.

Jim Boesch, from the Estero Village Council, said, “The river is our main water flow sourcing and if that isn’t clean, it flows into the housing and all the other areas of Estero that are important to us. We have to make sure the river is clean to begin with. It all goes out to Estero Bay.”

Village leaders just approved a contract with Johnson Engineering that costs $41,000. The project will build 6 Water Quality Monitoring Stations at different points of the river.

These Water Quality Monitoring Stations will help determine the source of the pollution in the Estero River.


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