The Strokes’ Julian Casablancas has some thoughts on the blues rocks genre that will surely rub a lot of people the wrong way.

Following their Grammy win for Best Rock Album over the weekend, which marked the first-ever Grammy for the band, they were asked by Rolling Stone about the state of the rock genre.

Perhaps subtly addressing Gene Simmons' comments about how 'Rock is dead,' Casablancas said, “I think people who say things are ‘dead,’ I feel like it means their imagination possibly has died.”

However, Casablancas followed that with, “There’s room for so many genres of music; not necessarily blues rock, please no more of that.”

Casablancas added, “All kinds of genres of music can blend in so many ways…Anything that’s been beaten to death, obviously trend dictates those things will be extinct, and you evolve from those things. But what that means, what it’ll be called, who knows what it’ll be called. Rock and roll should definitely stop the way it was done [before], we don’t need more of that.”

As for the future of the rock genre, guitarist Albert Hammond Jr. said, “It doesn’t matter where we think it should go…We can wait and see. Isn’t that part of the fun?”

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