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The man, the myth, and the legend, Babycakes is back at it.

Irving Howard, 71, was arrested for sitting on an apartment complex’s bench in his birthday suit. It was an area near where children were.

He was arrested and taken to the Lee County Jail.

This isn’t his first rodeo though and he keeps the LCSO on their toes. He has been arrested over 250 times dating back to 1988.

An NBC2 investigation back in 2016 revealed taxpayers spent more thanĀ $300,000 for him to spend more than 6,000 nights in jail. Those numbers were from 2016 and he has been arrested numerous times since then.

The amount of times this man has been arrested and how much time he has been in and out of the system raises questions about mental health awareness and how Lee County deals with the homeless population.

Are they getting the help that they need?

NBC2 Investigates: Homeless FL man costs taxpayers $300,000

A homeless man in Lee County has cost taxpayers $299,760 - a clear indicator, advocates say, that the justice system is broken. Irving "Babycakes" Howard has...


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