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370990 07: ****EXCLUSIVE**** (MAGS MUST CALL) The grocery store Publix where George Trofimoff worked in Viera, Florida June 15, 2000. Trofimoff, of Melbourne, Florida, was arrested on charges that he engaged in a 25-year-long conspiracy to sell classified military intelligence information to the Soviet Union. (Photo by Robert King /Newsmakers)

Quick thinking from a Publix assistant manager and pharmacy manager in Estero saved a woman’s life. Fortunately, Publix provided its employees with training on how to react in a situation like this.

A woman fainted in one of the aisles and blood was starting to pool around her head. She had no pulse.

They grabbed a defibrillator and shocked her. After that and around three minutes of compressions, she began to breathe again.

Pharmacy manager Dillon Alexander said, “It’s important for as many people as possible to get CPR certification because CPR is so helpful and you don’t know when you can save someone’s life.”