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Flavio Santiago, 23, is accused of setting up hidden cameras disguised as smoke detectors.

He hid three cameras inside a Golden Gate Estates woman’s home. He put them in the bathroom, the living room, and the woman’s bedroom.

She was not aware of the cameras, and it was only brought to her attention after her son was waving at the smoke detectors.

Upon closer inspection, the smoke detectors had SD cards in them. Flavio was clearly seen in some of the videos adjusting the angle of the cameras. The one over the woman’s bed had 4,300 videos on it. The videos showed the woman and her son getting undressed.

Flavio actually used to live at the residence and moved out in August of 2020.

When confronted by police, he admitted to the allegations. He was arrested for video voyeurism of a person 19 years of age or older and video voyeurism of a child less than 16 years of age.