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Mustapha Ouardi, 56, called 911 three times on Wednesday morning because the McDonalds on Tamiami Trail East got his order wrong multiple times.

When officers arrived, he was yelling and cursing the staff and said he wouldn’t leave until he got the order correct. Deputies tried to get the man to leave, but he refused by saying, “Fine, then take me to jail. I’m not leaving.”

Deputies removed the man from the building and searched him, finding marijuana folded in a napkin.

As he was put into the patrol car, he said to officers, “I have cocaine in my butt.”

After saying that, he had to be examined by medical professionals before being arrested.

He told healthcare workers, “I’ll have you[r] job. I will sue you. I’m from New York. Don’t worry, I’ll get you.”

He was arrested for trespassing, resisting arrest, and marijuana possession. There was no mention of cocaine.