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Andrew Strange, 34, is accused of going on a crime spree from Broward County all the way to Alabama. One of his stops was at Dunkin’s Diamonds, located at 8120 Strada Place in Collier County in October of 2019.

A clerk at the store showed the man some Rolex watches. And when the clerk turned around to grab another item, Strange grabbed the Rolexes, valued around $10,000 each, and ran out the door.

The police were able to trace the crime back to Strange through surveillance photos and fingerprints. The investigation also revealed that he had pawned the watches in a Broward County pawn shop. He has also been identified as a suspect in numerous other Rolex theft cases.

On October 24th, he was shot during a drug deal gone bad and was in critical condition.

He was extradited to Broward county and was sentenced to six years and four months in prison for his crimes.

He has since been moved to the Naples Jail Center. and is held on a $100,000 bond.