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Two divers, Ryan Picou and Blair Morrow, made the discovery of a lifetime, two mammoth tusks!

Mammoths are said to have lived 1.5 million years ago and gone extinct around 11,000 years ago.

Not only did Picou find mammoth tusks, but he also has found mammoth teeth still in the jaw and a megalodon tooth.

“My first thought was I better calm down and manage my air because I was down to the last bit of my tank and needed to at least get a marker up, so I could come back and dig it out,” Picou said.

Watch the video:

2 Mammoth Tusks Uncovered in the Gulf

Both Ryan and Blair find Mammoth Tusks off the coast of Florida. These are incredible finds! Not 1, but 2 Columbian Mammoth Tusks! Blair shares some of he...