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For many, the perfect job hasn’t been easy to find.

Lindsay Hanson, a career couch asked Tik Tok fans to tell her the moment they realized their workplace was toxic.

Here’s some the toxic workplace moments that stood out:

  1. “One time my boss told me it’s good to be harassed sometimes because that’s how women feel wanted by men. I quit the next day” @RubyNaasan
  2. When I was giving birth, I got a call from my boss asking if I was gonna have my report turned in and if I was coming back the following day.”@indigosjourney

  3. “When I was trying on a menstrual cup for the first time, and I bled through my pants. I was two hours away from home, so no one could bring me pants. I wasn’t allowed to leave, so I had to work a 12-hour shift in bloody pants. It was disgusting.”@leeann9913

  4. “He wouldn’t give me a day off work because I didn’t give “two weeks notice.” It was a for a funeral. She wasn’t dead two weeks before that” @Aalya
  5. “At my interview when the manager said “how do I know you won’t be like the others and quit within 6 months?” @Elizadull
  6. “When I was criticized for doing my job the exact way I was thought to do it” @Kburke
  7. “When someone tested positive in our department and we were told we didn’t have to quarantine and needed to come back to the office” @Kaylyn & Waffles
  8. “Seeing what mood the manager was in before asking a question” @Milo

Submit your toxic workplace moments below:

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