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Kristen Curry, 24, was arrested by Collier County deputies on November 4th after she allegedly attacked her manicurist for not giving her the design that she wanted.

Curry told deputies that she requested a certain design and the manicurist couldn’t provide that design. So she got upset and pushed a mirror. She never answered deputies if she touched the employee or destroyed any property.

The manicurist said that she couldn’t provide the extravagant designs and that’s when Curry started destroying property. Reportedly she knocked over the plexiglass divider, smashed her tools, and broke a bowl of candy. She also claimed to have been punched in the head or have had something thrown at her head. She said that she doesn’t remember because everything had happened so fast. She had a small cut on her head and was bleeding.

Curry was arrested for battery, disorderly conduct, and criminal mischief.