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MIAMI, FL - FEBRUARY 14: YAMAHA Outboard lineup on display during the Miami International Boat Show 2019 on February 14, 2019 in Miami, Florida. (Photo by Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images for Yamaha Motor Co., LTD )

Jesica Kelly of Northwest Cape Coral woke up to a surprise on Friday morning. The family boat had been stolen.

She said, “My son came out and asked where it was and I thought he was joking, then I came out and realized he wasn’t.”

Two thieves caught on security footage worked quickly to cut the lock and haul the boat off of their property.

Later that same day, the family was notified by the authorities that the boat was found along with another boat in a vacant lot blocks away.

The other boat in the lot was stolen.

But what were the thieves really after with these two stolen boats? The thieves were really just after the engines.

Kelly’s neighbor, Richard Malter said, “Both motors were the same type of motors, local, they had to scope the place out and see what kind of motors they wanted then they did their thing.”

The Yamaha motors are valued at around $20,000 apiece.

The thieves have not been apprehended yet.