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Sara Ellen Abbott, 32, of East Naples, was arrested for felony grand theft after stealing thousands of dollars worth of merchandise from the Louis Vuitton store at the Waterside Shops.

The original theft happened on October 1st but wasn’t reported until after the store did an inventory audit. The results of that audit showed that a couple of items were missing from their inventory.

A purse valued at $3,000 and a wallet valued at $1,120 was missing.

When they reviewed the security footage, Abbott was seen entering the store with a child in the stroller. She grabbed the wallet and put it inside of the stroller, and then she grabbed the purse and put it between the child and the stroller.

On Thursday she was spotted at Sak’s Fifth Avenue with the child in the stroller. Deputies were alerted and managed to track her down. She confessed to the theft at Louis Vuitton.

It was also determined that the child was not her child, but that of a friend’s. The child was safely returned to her mother.

A 32-year-old woman was arrested Thursday after deputies say she returned to the upscale North Naples shopping mall...

Posted by Collier County Sheriff's Office on Friday, October 30, 2020