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2nd August 1951: A British telephone handset with dial. (Photo by Fox Photos/Getty Images)

It looks like there is new a scam coming to Florida. This time, under the guise of the Naples Police Department.

Tiffany Barnes received a call from a scammer, but on the caller ID, it said the Naples police department.

Lt. Bryan McGinn of the Naples Police Department said this is the first time he’s ever heard of a scam like this happening in Naples.

Barnes said, “He knew all of my information. My address, my name, he knew everything he needed to know.”

The scammer said, “This is Sergeant Thomas Orr, Naples Police Department. I need Tiffany Barnes to return my call. This is a non-emergency matter, but it is requiring your immediate attention,”

This type of scam has happened in other communities and has now made it’s way to SWFL.

The man told her she had warrants out for her arrest, and it wasn’t long before he was asking for $3,000 in cash for what he called a “bond payment”.

After more instructions from the scammer, Barnes decided to call the Naples Police Department directly. It was then that she found out that the man was lying to her and had no connection to the Naples Police Department.

The Naples Police Department would like to remind the public that they do not ask for payments over the phone and they will likely serve warrants in person. Please report any suspicious calls like this to your local authorities.