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Dave & Chuck the Freak

A 19-year-old in New York posted a TikTok video on Tuesday showing if you squat down in a specific pair of pleather pants from Zara, it makes a very loud FLATULENCE sound.  The video went viral . . . and apparently, it’s made more people WANT to buy the pants.

Save yourself because I couldn't ???? #zara #leatherpants #Boo #funny #embarrased #storytime

Julia (@julialennaaa) has created a short video on TikTok with music original sound. | Save yourself because I couldn't ???? #zara #leatherpants #Boo #funny #embarrased #storytime | Please watch if you shop at zara im begging


A Teen On TikTok Has A PSA About Pleather Zara Pants You Should Know About

A 19-year-old from Putnam Valley, New York, has gone viral for sharing an important detail about a pair of pleather pants from Zara, which people should know about before buying. The pants will make a...particular sound when you squat in them. I'll let Julia Leonard explain and demonstrate in her viral TikTok from Tuesday.