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Justin Mullin, 48, was found acting bizarrely in Golden Gate around 2 A.M. on Sunday.

He was found sitting outside of a home that he told deputies was his own. He then grabbed his backpack and started walking towards the woods. He left his backpack at the edge of the woods.

The person who called the authorities confirmed that the man did not live at the home he claimed to have.

Deputies followed the man into the woods where Mullin reportedly yelled, “Shoot me!” at the officers.

They said that Mullin was “very manic and incredibly strong,” when they tried to arrest and restrain him.

After he was restrained, he pointed to a puddle and told officers that he had mushrooms in there.

They didn’t find any mushrooms in the puddle, but they did find mushrooms in his backpack.

He was charged with resisting arrest, possession of methamphetamine, and assault on an officer.