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24-year-old Ivan Mauricio Zegarra has been arrested and is facing multiple felony charges.

Collier County Sheriff’s Office responded to a call of burglary and grand theft auto at a home on Annemore Lane in the Pelican Bay community.

A home watch service worker noticed that the home owner’s vehicle was moved from the garage to the driveway and Zeggaro was sitting in the drivers seat. A Toyota pickup was parked next to the homeowners vehicle.

The service worker blocked the homeowners car with her own and confronted Zegarra. At this point he jumped into the pickup and drove off.

He drove to a dead end where he got out of the vehicle and jumped a concrete wall. Deputies were close behind him.

Pay stubs for a pool company were found inside of his car. It was the same pool service that the home owner used for her pool.

While investigating this crime, police were notified of another stolen vehicle on Heatherly lane.

Police were able to find the other stolen vehicle, and it turned out that it was Zegarra that stole that vehicle also.

He attempted to flee but was eventually apprehended.

He has been charged with burglary, grand theft auto, fleeing and eluding law enforcement, resisting arrest, and violation of state probation.