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Dave Grohl, once again, has proved why he’s one of rock’s most-beloved figures with a new song he wrote for Nandi Bushell, the 10-year-old viral sensation who he’s currently engaged with in a “drum-off.”

After dueling on the Foo Fighters’ “Everlong” and Them Crooked Vultures’ “Dead End Friends,” Grohl upped the ante with the video below. He intros the tune by saying, “Okay, Nandi…you got me. You win round one, but I’ve got something special for you. Something you’ve never heard before. Something I’ve never heard before, ’cause I’m about to write this off the top of my head for you.”

Grohl then proceeds to perform an incredibly catchy tune he wrote in honor of Bushell. The video for the song comes with the caption, “Every superhero needs a theme song. Here’s one for you! Mad props to The Grohlettes for the background vocals.”

Some of the lyrics include, “Nandi/Number-one supergirl/Nandi/Best drummer in the world/Nandi/Always right on time/Nandi/Hero Wunderkind/She’s got the power/She’s got the sound/Nandi on the drums/Makes the world go ’round.”

Seriously…if you aren’t moved or touched in any way by this, my condolences for the part of your soul that has died.

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