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PHILADELPHIA - JULY 3: Jim Saxton of Norwood, Pennsylvania, checks the valve pressure on a beeker of oil being made from turker body parts at Changing World Technologies Philadelphia Plant July 3, 2003 in Philadelphia. It is the first commercially successful thermal process to convert organic waste to energy. Utilizing low-value waste by-products such as tires, plastics, municipal sewage sludge, paper, animal and agricultural refuse as feedstocks, CWT's thermal technology provides a commercially viable solution for some of the Earth's gravest environmental issues. (Photo by William Thomas Cain/Getty Images)

The incident happened around Veronica S. Shoemaker Boulevard and Clermont Street on Tuesday around 4:30 p.m.

An air release valve was accidentally broken after a crew was doing regular maintenance on it. This caused around 80,000 gallons of sewage to spill into the canal.

Workers managed to vacuum around 200 gallons of waste and used two bags of hydrated Lyme to absorb it. Whatever was leftover flowed into a nearby Habitat For Humanity ditch.

Samples will be taken to the local Department of Environmental Protection to see what kind of damage was done.