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Human Interest

If you live in the Midwest and have children, beware: there is meth out there that looks like vitamins and candy.

“The federal Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) is warning of methamphetamines made to look like bits of candy or children’s vitamins cropping up in northern Ohio that could be spreading into more of the Midwest,” says the New York Post.

Detroit-based DEA Special Agent Keith Martin revealed the bag of pills to local media, and they look similar to pastel-colored pieces of candy or Flintstone vitamins. He adds, “It’s dangerous for adults, and it’s definitely dangerous for children. In candy form, young children could be more likely to ingest it.”

So far, the pills have been spotted in northern Ohio, but agents add that they can possibly reach Michigan. They also explain that it’s the first time the drugs have been disguised in that form in the region.