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Daniel Armendariz, 27, was arrested around 3:30 AM after a woman called 911 reporting that her boyfriend was drunk and threatening to shoot her.

You may recognize this man as the man who jumped into the Gulf Coast Town Center Bass Pro Shop fish tank. After the incident, he posted a video on Facebook taunting the police and Bass Pro Shop.

When deputies arrived to the scene this morning, a booze scented Armendariz attempted to flee from his vehicle to another in an attempt to escape. After he was apprehended, police found a shotgun in his car with four rounds.

He was not cooperative in the police cruiser either. He was shaking and banging his head on the patrol cars cage. It got to the point where he was pepper sprayed.

He was arrested for two counts of resisting an officer but was not arrested for the bass pro incident.



Wanted Bass Pro fish tank diver posts profanity-laced confession to Facebook

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