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Well, it’s not exactly what he was hoping for — an art collector in Spain is furious after a botched restoration of a replica of a famous painting.

Officials say there were two different attempts to fix the painting “Immaculate Conception” by artist Bartolome Esteban Murillo.

A furniture restorer was hired to do the job.

There is no law in Spain preventing people from restoring artwork, even if they don’t have the right skills.

Have you ever paid to have something fixed or restored — only to have it returned in worse shape?


The big reveal is at the one minute mark of this video.

Dueño de la copia desfigurada de una Inmaculada se muestra "atónito"

El propietario de la copia de una Inmaculada de Murillo que ha sido intervenida de forma inadecuada por un artesano que rehabilita mobiliario se muestra "ató...