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Linkin Park has at least one unreleased song featuring Chester Bennington in their archives, according to Mike Shinoda.

In a video shared by the Linkin Park Twitter fan account @LPLive, Shinoda explained there’s a song leftover from the recording sessions for One More Light called “Friendly Fire.” The video is reportedly ripped from a live video from Shinoda’s Twitch channel, per Loudwire.

Shinoda says, “There’s a ‘One More Light’ song that we mixed more than the finished album, and we mixed a couple of other songs just to see if one of them would make the cut or whatever or if we’d use it for a b-side, and it was ‘Friendly Fire’…I still love that song.”

Shinoda would then read a viewer’s comment on Twitch telling him to just drop the song, to which Shinoda replied, “Yeah, okay. [Laughs.] We’re gonna put a brand new f*cking Linkin Park song with Chester’s voice on it out. I don’t think so. You guys, you’re literally going to have to wait years to hear that song. So, just FYI.”

Honestly, this news is worth Shinoda’s reaction to a fan telling him to “just drop the song.”

(Oh, and if you couldn’t tell from the quote above, some NSFW language ahead.)

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