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A man in Spain filmed his emotional reunion with his donkey after they were separated for two months because of the COVID-19 quarantine.  You’ll get the feels even if you don’t understand Spanish.

He’s on a hillside calling out for the donkey, and when it arrives, he breaks down crying he’s so happy.

El emotivo reencuentro entre una burra y su dueño tras el confinamiento

Más de dos meses sin ver al animal en la localidad malagueña de El Borge y la escena se ha hecho viral en las redes

From the sounds of the donkey, it feels the same.


Emotional moment man is reunited with his donkey after quarantine

This is the moving moment a donkey runs to greet its tearful owner and hee-haws in apparent excitement after being separated for two months during the Covid-19 lockdown.