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Coronavirus Information Central

There’s a Columbian factory making a baffling product to assist with the coronavirus pandemic. As The New York Post reports, the company “has created a cardboard bed that can be transformed into a coffin — so that hospital workers in coronavirus units don’t have to move victims’ bodies.” They add, “The recyclable beds will help limit medical staffers’ exposure to the victims.”

The outlet also explains that the beds last 18 months, they’re the size of a stretcher, and can carry up to 330 pounds.

Rodolfo Gomez, the product factory manager, explains the product, saying, “We realized that there is the lack of bed [sic]. So, we decided to develop a cardboard bed, which is 100% [eco-friendly] to deal with this problem. He adds, “If the patient doesn’t survive, they don’t have to move the body from the bed. The bed can be transformed into a coffin.