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Tonight’s Douche of the Day is Osman Guiterrez, a #FloridaMan who was caught red handed stealin’ peppers from Oakes Farm by the Collier County Sheriff’s Office.

The staff at Oakes Farm in Immokalee began to notice that their produce was missing over night. So, they asked the Collier County Sheriff’s Office to patrol the 100 acre farm to see if someone was stealing their goods.

And on Monday night, a Collier County Sheriff’s Deputy, on horseback, caught Osman Guiterrez red handed, with a hand full of peppers.

According to NBC 2 News, “as a deputy on his horse was patrolling the 100-acre farm along Immokalee Road Monday night, he spotted Osman Gutierrez and another person stealing habanero peppers through his night vision equipment.

K-9, extra patrols, and even a helicopter were called in as backup. Gutierrez took off running when backup arrived and ignored deputies commands to stop.

Gutierrez had a hard time trying to outrun the horse, he fell in front of the horse and ended up under the horse before the horse could stop, but he was uninjured. The deputy then jumped off the horse onto Gutierrez’s back and arrested him for trespassing and stealing.”

Osman’s accomplice got away, but the Collier County deputies are still searching for the man.

(SOURCE: NBC 2 News)