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A 34-year-old man died Thursday from the coronavirus — just two weeks after he visited two of the country’s most popular theme parks. Jeffrey Ghazarian, of Pasadena, California, had recently vacationed in Florida, where he spent time at Walt Disney World and Universal Studios, according to sources. He and a group of friends visited the popular tourist attractions on March 3rd and 4th, and by March 7th he was coughing up blood, TMZ reports. Health officials say there’s a strong chance Ghazarian was contagious when he spent time at the theme parks. Although elderly people are more prone to die from the coronavirus, TMZ reports Ghazarian was considered a high-risk patient who had a history of asthma and childhood bronchitis. When was the last time you were in a crowded place? Does the news of a 34-year-old dying worry you?