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The headline from CBS 13 in Baltimore is weird, but the story itself is even weirder: Syringes Found On Suspect Test Positive For Semen In Churchton Grocery Store Assault

Thomas Bryon Stemen, 51, was arrested last week and charged with first and second degree assault, and reckless endangerment.

Stemen is accused of stabbing a woman with a syringe at Christoper’s Fine Foods in Churchton, PA.

Video footage showed the incident happened inside the entrance to the store near the grocery carts.

Syringes Found On Churchton Grocery Store Assault Suspect Test Positive For Semen, Police Say

Anne Arundel County Police said semen was found inside syringes tested after a man was arrested for allegedly poking a woman with a syringe in Churchton groc...

According to CBS 13, “In the video, you see the man motion to poke the woman with something as she puts away the cart. The woman motions like she was poked with something sharp and can be seen yelling.”

The victim, Katie Peters, called the police, who found another needle in Stemen’s possession, and a third in his car.

The fluid inside the needles were tested and determined to be semen.