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Jessie Norton, a 36 year old mom from Brevard County, was arrested on Sunday after hiding contraband in her child’s diaper!

According to,  James Bayster was pulled over by Brevard County deputies for speeding and driving on a suspended license.

Shortly after being pulled over, Jessie Norton arrived with a child, explaining to cops that when she heard James had been pulled over,, she came to help out.

At that point, sheriff’s deputies watched James hand something to Jessie.

The deputy approached Jessie and saw a cut straw and small green plastic baggy hidden in Jessie’s child’s diaper.

The straw and baggie both tested positive for the presence of methamphetamine.

Jessie admitted to collecting the items and concealing them.

She was arrested and charged with felony child neglect without great bodily harm and a misdemeanor charge of possession of drug paraphernalia/equipment with residue.