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On tonight’s show, we’ll hear from Max, a 20 year old girl from Kentucky who is a “little,” who pretends to be five and lives with her “daddy” Johnny.

Max and Johnny have what’s called a DDLG relationship, which stands for Daddy Dom, Little Girl.

The couple claims their relationship isn’t a sexual thing for them, but Max has a list of rules to obey, including no back talking and not staying up past bedtime.

If Max breaks “daddy’s rules” she gets punished with a timeout in the ‘naughty corner.’

Although Max says she is an adult capable of making rational decisions, she loves when her daddy Johnny reads her a story before her daily nap, or when he takes her to the nearby park to play.

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SUBSCRIBE to Barcroft TV: WITH a house full of dummies, teddy bears and sippy cups, you'd be forgiven for mistaking Max for a young mother. But Max, 20, is a "little" who pretends to be five and lives with her "daddy" Johnny, 31, in Kentucky, USA.