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96K-ROCK Welcomes Al Beck: Hey, It’s Al Beck. I am thrilled to introduce myself as 96K-Rock’s newest member. I invite you to join me every weekday evening from 6-10…

Elan and Kat met online. Yeah okay, bi-sexual chicks that look like this aren’t online. Unless they’re cam gals.

Elan and Kat are into having threesomes with other women. Elan says they have threesomes about two or three times a week, and have had sex with more than 100 women in the two years they’ve been together!

Me & My Girlfriend Pick Up Women For Threesomes | EXTREME LOVE/ WE Tv

SUBSCRIBE to Barcroft TV: A PROFESSIONAL pickup artist has enlisted the help of his GIRLFRIEND to hunt for potential threesomes. Based in Miami, FL, Elan and his partner, Kat, enjoy going on the prowl for new girls to hook up with at least two to three times a week.