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Today’s Douche of the Day is 31-year-old Daniel Gregory Franco.

Daniel was arrested in the early hours of New Year’s Eve while trying to flee the St. Paul home of an uncle who told cops he had recently “come into a large sum of money.”

Daniel, who allegedly dropped a backpack with a handgun and ammo as he ran, initially told police that his uncle had asked him to look after the house because of his recent windfall.

Daniel then tried to bribe his way out of jail by offering the arresting officers some heroin.

Daniel, who was injured by a police dog during his arrest, was arrested alongside Richard Joseph Wollenberg, 34, who said he was at the house after getting invited by Daniel.

Police say Daniel and Joseph got into the home by cutting a porch screen and using a crowbar to break a window.

Several rooms had been rummaged through and the handgun allegedly found in Daniel’s backpack belonged to his uncle.

The victim reportedly told cops he was shocked because he recently wrote his nephew a check for $3,000 and planned to give him another $25,000.

Daniel and Joseph were both charged with unlawful possession of a firearm and second-degree burglary.