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Matt Mangas

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If you’re tired of your woman acting like a man then there is a convention in Orlando that will teach her to let her femininity loose. The “22 Convention” promises to “Make women great again.” So how does a group of men plan to do that? Per the website, topics to be discussed include, “ills of feminism, the war on motherhood, beauty and obesity, love and dating, getting pregnant and having “unlimited babies,” getting in shape, beating the competition to “become the ultimate wife,” and boosting femininity.” Speaking of femininity, the site bears a picture of a smiling woman with the caption: “men prefer debt-free virgins without tattoos.” So who is coming to get this knowledge? The organizers are only selling tickets to women who will be entertained and informed by an all-male panel. Tickets sell for $2,000, however, but currently on sale for $1000, the location of the May 1st – 3rd convention is only revealed once a ticket purchase is made.