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96K-ROCK Welcomes Al Beck: Hey, It’s Al Beck. I am thrilled to introduce myself as 96K-Rock’s newest member. I invite you to join me every weekday evening from 6-10…

Matt Mangas

Weekdays 10:30am - 2pm

Hi Everybody…


Thanks for your support on the Blacktop Mojo show at South Street in Naples. It’s a total SELL-OUT! And that doesn’t happen at Rock shows in SWFL anymore….


Our thanks as well to our opening acts “Roxx Revolt and the Velvets”…a terrific local band with some great original songs and a good choice of covers…They’re a lot of fun!!


“Lillium” makes their concert debut…A Naples hard rock band with female lead vocals, this new project has a lot of promise…


Make sure you come out early to see our openers…Show starts at 8….


Blacktop Mojo will be on The Stan and Haney Show Friday at 3…and I’ll be broadcasting live at South Street beginning at 5….All this….then Bike Night in Cape Coral Saturday. Let’s have some fun!!!