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Can you guess how much the TingShop Versatile Sex Chair sells for on Amazon?


  • Designed for lovers of love couples, this sexy chair enhances gender position, relaxes and makes love
  • For unloading, you can play what you want, be flexible, you can enjoy the interest of any position without any effort, you are comfortable with the comfort of the body and back support, live sex you have never been, explore various postures and growing interest
  • Control the speed and grab the armrests to better control the strength of the waist. He can effectively coordinate the rhythm, extend the happy time, maintain the balance of the body, hold the armrest to maintain balance, whether it is fast or strong, will not fall, use safety, try various postures, users can adjust more flexibly Posture to better serve a sexual partner
  • The body is made of 0.2mm thick steel pipe, high load capacity, made of stainless steel and leather. It has a very long comfort life and can adjust the position of the body freely. Users can freely try it, whether it is leaning forward or forward.

Price: $799.49 & FREE Shipping