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How much do you think the Strict Leather Black Canvas Strait jacket goes for on Amazon?

A Straitjacket is a Perfect Addition to Your Bondage Gear Collection!

These black canvas straitjackets really stand out from the crowd.

This straight jacket is made of high quality soft canvas that is more comfortable than other institutional style straightjackets.

This black jacket, with its unique design and rich black color, is one of our more popular styles. It is a functional straightjacket as well as a definite fashion statement.

The leather straps are strong and durable. The dual crotch straps are a rare feature that can not be found in most other straight jackets. Dual leg straps keep the wearer from pulling the jacket over the head AND allow access to the crotch.

Most straitjackets block access to the genitals.

Truly, this is a fine jacket and excellent value.

Price: $229.94 & FREE Shipping