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While it’s not uncommon to be embarrassed over buying things like condoms and lubricant, the solution shouldn’t be to steal them. And if you choose to take that route, you definitely shouldn’t leave something behind that identifies you. A Florida man is about to learn this lesson the hard way. Cameras at a Walmart Neighborhood Market in Port Charlotte on Sunday caught the man pocketing the condoms and lubricant before hustling out of the store. While a video doesn’t do police any good if no one can identify the suspect, in this case the culprit helped them out by leaving his cell phone on the shelf he took the condoms from. Apparently, he’d taken his phone out of his pocket to make room for the pilfered goods. Police are withholding his name until they make the arrest, they say. What’s the dumbest mistake you’ve made while doing something sneaky? How much information would someone learn about you if they were to find your cell phone?