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Former Bad Company Singer Brian Howe Dead at 66: Former Bad Company Vocalist Brian Howe dead at the age of 66. According to gossip site TMZ, the singer passed away on May 6 from…

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A 14-year-old juvenile girl faces a misdemeanor charge of Battery – Intentionally Cause Bodily Harm to Another after she punched a man dressed as President Trump at the Collier County Fair.

The victim, dressed as the President, was waiting in line for a haunted house with his wife and stepdaughter for their turn at a haunted house, when the 14-year-old punched him in the left jaw.

Then the suspect laughed as she walked over to four other juveniles waiting in line.

After confronting the suspect, the victim contacted a person at the fairgrounds and told deputies he wanted to press charges.

For more, read this article from NBC 2 News.